Acquisitions and Dispositions

Seasoned Professionals Taking You From A-Z

FIP’s professionals are dedicated to maximizing the performance of your investment to meet your individual return goals. We leverage economic trend analysis coupled with specialized marketing techniques to deliver unparalleled system processes to position your investment for success. The true value of an investment lives in its highest and best use; a calibration which in a dynamic market can change quickly & often.

At FIP, we believe in finding the right property for our clients and positioning them to succeed, creating a long term mutually beneficial situation. When building a portfolio of experience to offer:

The Four Accords of Real Estate


Finding the Right Property with the Right Knowledge.   A comprehensive understanding of the clients goals.


The Purpose of the Investment. For short term or income producing investments, a well thought out marketing plan and exit strategy are complimentary to the purchase.


Managing an asset requires an understanding of value / debt ratios, margin return expectations, highest and best use, in addition to quarterly assessment and analysis of variables. It is always a good idea to know what your property is worth.


Whether short or long term, there are key factors that contribute to the success of a sale or the ROI (return on investment) of a real estate asset. Offering all options to a landlord or seller is a high value component of Service. One that will affect their decision, and in some cases, the biggest decision of their life.

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