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Miami Beach Apartment Complex Could Be Redeveloped Into Hotel

An apartment building in the North Beach area of Miami Beach could be partially demolished and redeveloped.

The city’s Historic Preservation Board is scheduled May 10 to hear the plans for the 0.34-acre site at 7418 Harding Ave. The property currently has three apartment buildings of two stories each with a combined 20 units. It was built in 1946.

Bay Harbor Islands-based 7418 Harding Ave LLC acquired the site for $3.55 million in November 2021.

Under the proposal, one of the existing apartment buildings would be demolished, a five-story hotel would be constructed, and the remaining two buildings would be converted into a hotel. When completed, the project would have 48 rooms, with 16 in the new building and 32 in the converted buildings. The new building would also have a lobby and a suite with an enclosed garden. A pool would be developed on the ground floor.

The project would cost about $4.6 million, according to the application.

“The sharp design features, varied balcony lengths, and purposefully placed fenestration will complement the existing courtyard and architectural character of the North Shore Historic District,” Miami-based attorney Michael W. Larkin stated in the application.

Larkin said the project may not be heard at the May 10 meeting as scheduled, but the owners intend to move forward with the project.

Mttr Mgmt in Miami is the architect of the project.

With hotel occupancy reaching pre-pandemic levels, more developers are looking for opportunities to build hotels. By utilizing adaptive reuse for part of this project, the developer would save on the expense of having to build the hotel completely from the ground up.

According to the application, 7418 Harding Ave LLC is owned by Edgardo Hugo Zimmerman, Elias Daniel Perez, Victor Daniel Penchansky, Isaac Daniel Gielczynsky, Nestor Daniel Zimmerman, Paula and Gabriel Boano, and Javier Landaburu.


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