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3 Healthcare Construction Trends To Keep An Eye On

Emerging trends are aiming to increase patient access, reduce project timelines, and focus on a more personal approach to healthcare. Here are three healthcare construction trends you are going to want to keep a close eye on:

  • Increased Levels of Patient Access. The construction of smaller healthcare centers such as walk-in clinics and urgent care facilities will promote patient accessibility as well as aim for a more personalized approach to healthcare. Patient access will shift to become one of the prime concerns of healthcare facilities, and the construction industry can be seen embracing this shift in ideals through the encouraged fabrication of small-scale facilities.


  • Modular Construction. Modular construction consists of a unique design strategy that builds prefabricated structures off-site only then to be later transported and assembled on-site. The method uses factory-like manufacturing techniques to make repeated sections of a building that can be made and delivered in half the normal construction time. Due to this reduced amount of build time, modular construction is extremely cost-effective and cuts major corners in labor costs.


  • Scalable, Accessible Healthcare Facilities. The increasing popularity of more acute healthcare facilities such as micro-hospitals and mixed-use medical facilities will become more and more apparent this upcoming year. Small-scale centers provide care that is extremely convenient while also offering quick and local treatment options for individuals. Scratch the extended wait at a major hospital since micro-hospitals and mixed-use medical facilities offer full hospital emergency services and are also located in accessible, favorable locations.



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