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City Gives Easy Online Access To Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan

This week, the City of Miami added the Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (MCNP) onto the publicly-available Gridics Municipal Zoning Platform, CodeHUB. The MCNP is a key zoning document that creates the policy framework that guides all future public and private development decisions in the City of Miami to ensure the City meets the needs of existing and future residents, visitors and businesses, while preserving the character and quality of its communities.

The incorporation of the MCNP into CodeHUB will help to drive smarter regional planning decisions for the future by integrating future land use, environmental, and infrastructure requirements into an interactive, parcel level, 3D map. This is the first time that the MCNP has been made available to the public in such an interactive and accessible tool, allowing the public to be actively involved in understanding the direction of their community, including how the infrastructure will change to support future growth. The most updated version of the MCNP and Future Land Use Map (FLUM) will be made available 24/7 through this new platform.

This week’s online publication of the MCNP follows the successful 2018 launch of the Miami 21 Zoning Code on the Gridics platform, providing citizens an up-to-date and fully digitized version of Miami 21, plus parcel-specific lookup tools for citizens to get zoning property record data for their property or parcel.



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