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Employment Seekers From Around US Attracted To Florida Jobs

Florida is now the state with the third most number of new jobs. It overtook New York last December.

CBS4 takes a look at why so many are coming to take these new jobs and what’s changing in the job market.

“It was supposed to be a temporary situation,” Marvin Kim recalled.

Kim came to South Florida during the pandemic from where he was based, New York.

“I was contemplating my next move,” he told CBS4.

Currently, Kim works in sales at Doorloop, a software company that is used to manage rental property and payment.

“I was surprised really at the number of high-quality jobs that were offered here in Florida, as you know very well Florida is just benefiting from the massive influx of capital booming start-up scene,” he explained.

Of course, the other reason is the warm weather, that’s why thousands of others like Kim are coming, and the jobs keep opening up as well.  According to the latest U.S. Dept. of Labor statistics, at the end of December, Florida topped New York with 9,578,500 jobs, 2,400 more than the Empire State.

“The companies that I am working with now are mostly from the Northeast and California, they’re relocating here,” Craig Studnicky, ISG World CEO said.

Studnicky works in sales and marketing at International Sales Group.

“Goldman Sach is moving their regional offices to Fort Lauderdale.  How many other companies are moving here, how many other businesses are being created to support those giant companies,” he said.

Along with these white-collar jobs, is the demand for workers to fill blue-collar jobs.

“A New Yorker comes here, a family from California comes here, and even though prices have appreciated significantly since 2020 for them we are a bargain,” Studnicky explained.

At this rate, it doesn’t seem like there’s a shortage of people willing to move.

“Florida has never been in the same conversation as Silicon Valley or New York. You’re seeing that scene change and as you look at what’s happening with demographics, and capital flows, and booming start-up scene, you want to be part of that,” Kim added.

Of course, when it comes to where everyone coming here to get jobs will live, experts like Studnicky recommend getting in on whatever real estate market one can afford now, rather than later.


Source:  CBS News

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