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The Role of Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate Development

Increasingly, green design is cropping up as a concern to both tenants and owners in commercial real estate. Our general attitudes are placing more emphasis on environmental concerns and smart, sustainable design in all sectors. Happily, concern for the planet lines up nicely, in this case, with concern for the bottom line. Sustainable practices are good business.

With everyone taking an interest in ways to conserve energy and create a more “green” society, CRE developers are taking note. Investors and tenants are aware that sustainable practices can significantly improve performance in many areas. According to John Friedman of the Huffington Post sustainability benefits the companies that make it a priority in 6 ways:

#1: “License to operate” – community goodwill can translate to a cooperative attitude.
#2: Access to investment capital – sustainability means better marketability
#3: Cost reduction/avoidance – preventive maintenance saves money in the long run.
#4: Market opportunity/advantage – a more positive perception from others is likely.
#5: Employee engagement – productivity and retention are improved; aesthetics are enhanced.
#6: Ability to seize the high ground in innovation – lead the way in development of green practices and products.

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