Last week, Shopping Center Business and Southeast Real Estate Business hosted “South Florida Retail Outlook: What is the Impact of COVID-19 on South Florida’s Retail Sector?

Listen as a panel of retail experts discusses their gameplans: how they are working with tenants and their employees as the industry seeks to adapt. Hear about attitudes towards loans, rent reductions, property value, next steps and more.

See a list of some topics covered and their timestamps below:

(07:00): How are restaurants and experiential tenants faring?

(09:29) Adapting for the challenges of COVID-19

(17:28) Retail rent trends over the next 180 days?

(24:32) What can owners do today to position themselves to succeed?

(36:00) When might we start to see real loan defaults and real distressed assets?

(42:55) Lessons learned from 2007-2008 financial crisis

(53:56) Decisions made in the pre-COVID-19 world that have carried over well into our current environment

Click here to access the complimentary webinar recording. Hear how South Florida retail professionals are approaching industry challenges and evolving to meet the needs of retailers.


Source:  Shopping Center Business

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